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Of course the bigger SP5 has the surefire lighted handguard, which if something similar existed for the SP5K, I would be all over it, as that is perfect. Unfortunately all my internet searches have resulted in the only "classic looking" option being the Steiner/Laser Devices vertical grip light. However to do so with the vertical grip would ...USCCA - Sign up today! GOLD and Subscribe for more aweso...Yes HK is shipping the SP5 (at least mine from Dec 2019) with the same castle style sight as the SP5K. Its not the diopter site with the round holes like the MP5. I ordered the German MP5 diopter from HK Parts, bolts right up. I think they have a US-made version that is cheaper and helps you with your US-made part needs for form 1. HK.ARID_DEV. If you run a 1.42” or higher scalarworks mount on a low profile mp5 rail, you can use irons underneath the mount while still having a very usable height rds. I think that would be better than this cowitness due to how large the sights on an mp5 are in comparison to the MRDS required to get a cowitness.Fits the HK SP5, MP5 and other similar sized firearms; Comes as pictured and the latest offering from HK; View All Close. Additional Information. Age Group: adult. Expiration Date: ... H&K MP5, SP5, MP5K, & SP5K 9mm Extractor Spring This extractor spring will fit all of the 9mm HK variants including clones. This part is German HK factory ...With 922r 6 parts need to be replaced from the list below as you are only allowed to have 10 foreign parts when creating a rifle. As it stands with the SP5 all parts are made in Germany as this is imported as a pistol. You can only use 10 of the following parts, 6 need to be replaced. 1. Receiver.There aren't two "one rings" in LoTR. Sp5, you can never go wrong with a classic. The full size is a bit softer shooting, if that's even a thing with a 9mm. The K is more compact and backpack-able. There's almost no way to put a light on a K so there's that. Both a ridiculous quiet when suppressed.KES is great, a bit more compact since it rides in the receiver channels vs outside like B&T. Locks up tight. For the money, it’s a nice setup, good option. Baddie_Daddie. Like. B. Baddie_Daddie Discussion starter. 20 posts · Joined 2023. #3 · Nov 25, 2023. You have any pictures of your set up with kes?Page 26 of the SP5K manual specifies one click is 7cm at 25 meters. Adjust your sight accordingly. If you need to make a windage adjustment (possible but unlikely), per page 27 of the SP5K manual and page 74 of the MP5 manual, counterclockwise moves impact right; clockwise moves the impact left. Each click will be 5.5 cm at 25 meters.A move to keep Chinese property buyers out earned the city money instead. Hong Kong had some good news in its annual budget review today: the city’s annual revenue is projected to ...Shop Heckler & Koch Folding Stock for HK SP5K | 13% Off 4.3 Star Rating on 3 Reviews for Heckler & Koch Folding Stock for HK SP5K + Free Shipping over $49. ... this does not fit the SP5. It will only fit the SP5K. This is due to the brace attachment of the SP5K (2 pins) vs. the SP5 (1 pin). by Mark, Verified Owner, February 18, 2022 See 1 More ...Matador is a travel and lifestyle brand redefining travel media with cutting edge adventure stories, photojournalism, and social commentary. Most have heard of the bending curves o...Zenith ZF5-P vs HK SP5 K PDW. Bought a USA made Zenith (non MKE) and did a video comparing it to my SP5 K PDW. Overall the Zenith seems well made, except for the magazine catch… so I guess I will see how their customer service is vs me just buying the $15 part and fitting it myself.PTR Locking Piece HK MP5, HK SP5 , HK MP5K, HK SP5K - 100 Degree This PTR 100 degree locking piece is a great replacement for your worn out locking piece or to replace the 110 degree locking piece from a MP5K. The MP5 100 degree locking piece is the... HKP-20342 $39.95 Add to Cart Compare Quick view. Qty in Cart ...Dakota Tactical is top notch. Unfortunately mine took over a year to complete and deliver. Unless you have to have the real deal HK, I'd say go with the Ap5. They're built right and are compatible with all the HK accessories you could want. The value in my opinion is really tough to beat. Especially since they are also offering $200 rebate now.HK MP5/SP5 & MP5K/SP5K Series; HK MP5/K & SP5/K Selectors; HK MP5/K & SP5/K Selectors. Customize your HK MP5's fire controls. Choose from semi-auto, burst, and ambidextrous selector levers, including authentic HK parts and performance aftermarket options. Clear All.HK MP5/SP5 & MP5K/SP5K Series; HK MP5/K & SP5/K Conversion Kits; HK MP5/K & SP5/K Conversion Kits. Transform your MP5 Series into a tactical powerhouse. Discover our selection of conversion kits, including those turning your pistol into an MP5K, MP5K-PDW, or full-size MP5. ... HK Clipped & Pinned Service - For Polymer Grip Frames To SP5 SPEC At ...Feb 26, 2019 · Paint the front sight post with some bright paint and the result is a very visible post inside a ring. A silhouette at 15 yards fits inside that ring, making fast shooting in low light simple. JWT for TTAG. Unlike the original MP5K, the SP5K includes a detachable Picatinny rail mount with the gun.The HK SP5K is based on the MP5K and more or less looks very similar from a couple noticeable changes. It’s still a roller delayed blowback system and can accept both 10 round magazine as well as 30 round magazines. The SP5K has a 4.5-inch barrel and is right around 4.2 pounds unloaded. The SP5K feels balanced in the hand and most of the ...Fits the following: HK91, PTR. HK MP5, HK94, MP5K, SP89 & SP5K. HK93, 33 & 53. Clones or other custom builds. Please note: MKE / Zenith grip frames will require fitting in order to use this trigger box in the MKE grip frames. This is an SEF style trigger pack and will not fit the ambidextrous style housings such as the pictogram marked housings ...SP5K is only about a pound lighter than the SP5. I am not sure why it feels much more than that. I have added the paddle mag release, and had the barrel replaced with a B&T 3-lug. eForm1 pending also.. I have a feeling that I am going to favor the sp5k sbr much more than its big brother, pretty much from every aspect.HK's SP5K is a semi-automatic, civilian sporting pistol that matches the look and feel of the famous MP5K submachine gun. Its design meets the definition of a civilian pi. ... The SP5 comes with a paddle magazine release already installed, that is essentially a must-have mod for the SP5K that doesn't come with it and can be a little pricey and ...hkp-17958. UPC: $349.95. Add to Wish List. Description. Additional Information. HK MP5 PDW Telescoping - 5 Position Adjustable Stock Finally the most anticipated PDW style stock for the MP5 ever developed. Made 100% in the USA. The stock rails collapse along the top ridge of the grip frame for the lowest profile stock ever produced for the MP5 ...As more online brands look for ways to move beyond third-party cookies as a way of gaining more direct insights about their users and customers, a startup that has developed a plat...Welcome to the new series of weekly instructional posts called Workbench Wednesday. These are meant to familiarize new and inexperienced MP5 owners with their firearm, and be reliable documentation to refer to for years to come. Every Workbench Wednesday post will be linked in the r/MP5 wiki. The wiki is chock full of resources, such as ...Witness the Remington tac-14, or the Franklin Armory XO-26. 26" is the key length for AOW status. So, if I can get the SP5k above 26" it won't be capable of AOW status. If it has a brace, rather than a stock, it is not an SBR. Just considered a generic "firearm" with no federal regulations attached to it.May 2, 2020 · Ergonomics are better on the GHM9. As others have said, a fairer comparison would be APC9 to SP5, being the GHM9 is the entry level PCC from B&T now that the P26 is out of production. I’m probably the worst person in the world to ask, I’m an HK and B&T addict swimming in B&T PCC’’s and HK MP5’s I say get both. Obligatory pic.The SP5K is manufactured completely in house at Heckler & Koch's Oberndorf factory in southwest Germany. The SP5K is designed to meet the definition of a civilian pistol and marks the return of the roller-delayed blowback system to an HK commercial product. Specs: Action :Semi-Automatic Recoil operated, Rotating bolt, Roller-delayed blowbackHK SP5K Forearm - GermanThe HK SP5K Forearm will fit the MP5K, SP5K or SP89 style of firearms with the flush barrel. Made from the best materials and processes available. Can be modified to install on MP5K-N builds with 3 lug barrels.Perfect for the...Keith120286. 1934 posts · Joined 2016. #9 · Oct 30, 2022. Not trying to hijack this thread, but I have an issue other SP5 owners may experience. When I attempt to mount my AAC TiRant-9 on the 3-lug barrel, the SP5 knurled thread protector is too thick for the suppressor to slide over. I wonder if this a dimensional issue with the suppressor ...Sp5 does not come w a stock or brace from factory period. Just get a used authentic Mp5 stock if you like. Please remember, you need to get a tax stamp from Uncle Sam. My friend told me. Pencil does not misspell, people do. Gun does not kill people, people do. Pistols. HKP30s HKVP9. Rifles.HK SP5K Forearm - GermanThe HK SP5K Forearm will fit the MP5K, SP5K or SP89 style of firearms with the flush barrel. ... H&K MP5 & MP5K 9mm Magazine Clamp. H&K Heckler & Koch. $149.95. HK German MP5 & SP5 Or MP5K & SP5K 9mm Magazine Clamp Allows the user to clamp two times MP5 9mm 30-round magazines together for ease of use & safety by keeping ...HK MP5/SP5 & MP5K/SP5K Series; HK MP5/K & SP5/K Barrels; HK MP5/K & SP5/K Barrels. Optimize your MP5, SP5, or HK clone with premium barrels. Choose from HK factory barrels, threaded options for suppressors, and top-tier aftermarket brands like RCM for enhanced accuracy. ... HK Parts SP5 Thread Protector - 1/2 X 28 A great replacement item to ...Sound Signature Review 6.91 - This is Resilient Suppressors RS9 submachinegun silencer in the subsonic flow regime again; same subsonic Speer Lawman 147gr 9x19mm ammunition was used in the test, fired from the 5.8-in barrel HK SP5K-PDW submachinegun. So, just how hearing safe can an HK MP5 with a subgun silencer? What happens when you go to the ...TaylorWSO. 1344 posts · Joined 2004. #20 · Nov 28, 2020. Originally had the BT low profile and a T1. Tried a eotech because the reticle is better. Now I have a welded rail and a Holosun 503 green circle dot+best combo yet. I wouldnt waste the money on the HK German mount.Sorry for the long read, the binary trigger is badass and I would recommend it to any SP5 owner, totally worth the $$... Just maybe not $900. Edit: oh and the install is super easy, just pop the rear takedown pin, pull the old lower off and put the new on one. 6. Reply.SP5/SP5K picatinny rail: 369,00: Find a Dealer. Premium Stocking Dealer . Stocking Dealer . Indoor Range with HK Rentals . Law Enforcement Dealer . 1. Mi. HIGHLINE FIREARMS LLC. 1095 S INDUSTRIAL PKWY STE A NEWBERG OR 97132. Phone: 503-437-4841. Premium Stocking Dealer. 2. Mi. TESKEY’S CIRCLE T SADDLERY LLP.Built in the company’s Oberndorf factory in southwest Germany (like the SP5K), the SP5 is essentially a semiautomatic pistol with an 8.86-inch barrel that stays true to the original MP5′s ...One of the most apparent differences between the SP5 and SP5K is their barrel length and overall dimensions. The SP5 sports a longer barrel length at 8.74” akin to the traditional MP5 design. This longer barrel contributes to improved accuracy and potentially increased muzzle velocity.Frank in GA. 276 posts · Joined 2007. #3 · Feb 2, 2020 (Edited) I use Brass cased Federal 124 gr ammo however, I've shot the Winchester and Browning brass cased 124's with equal success. I don't mix the weights of the projectiles in a particular magazine in any gun nor do I use any steel cased ammo in my HK's.THIS FITS THE HK SP5K, Zenith K, AP5P AND THE MKEK GUNS! Any "K" size pattern receiver. It allows you to run a legal posti pack, registered sear or registered trigger pack in your HK SP5K, MKEK, without modifying the receiver block plate. The benefit is being able to use your legal full auto trigger packs while keeping the host weapon a ...ARID_DEV. If you run a 1.42” or higher scalarworks mount on a low profile mp5 rail, you can use irons underneath the mount while still having a very usable height rds. I think that would be better than this cowitness due to how large the sights on an mp5 are in comparison to the MRDS required to get a cowitness.Number 5 on my list of optics for the MP5 is the Aimpoint Micro T2. Aimpoint, just like Trijicon, is known for making insanely tough optics, and the Micro T2 is tough, but at the same time, smaller than the Trijicon MRO. The sight housing on the Micro T2 is made from a high- quality aluminum alloy, and it's submersible in up to 15 feet of water.The semi-automatic SP5 pistol doesn’t just look like an MP5, it’s an authentic Heckler & Koch.Looking for a product featured in this video? YouTube prevents us from posting links. Head over to our website to find what you're looking for.Check out our ...Rarer and probably will be harder to get in future. Having shot both versions in semi and FA, I prefer the full size SP5/MP5 over the SP5K-PDW for shooting. I got my SP5 out of the first batch of 500 for $2384. I'd buy an SP5K-PDW if I could get one for a decent price (MSRP'ish, max) but, I don't need one bad enough to pay $1,000 or more over MSRP.The standard folding stock on the PDW is a little too short for me, so the extra inch on the UMP stock feels perfect. Also, the UMP stock when folded lines up perfectly with the vertical grip on the PDW so you can actually grab onto both the vertical grip and UMP stock butt at the same time. Frankwhite and Aeg15. Like.SP5 would be a better fit than the K for the following reason. More than enough rail space for light and grip and does not interfere with optic if you plan to get one. Plenty of rail and grip options. The K is very hard to find unless you are willing to pay a premium for it. Full size shoots smoother than the K, IMO.HK MP5/SP5 & MP5K/SP5K Series; HK MP5/K & SP5/K Small Parts; HK MP5/K & SP5/K Small Parts. Find every small part you need for your HK MP5 build or repair. Our selection includes pins, springs, detents, and other essential components from HK and trusted aftermarket suppliers. ... RCM HK MP5/SP5 #27/90 Degree Locking Plate Machined and properly ...The Sig is better for mounting optics on, has a better trigger, a little more ergonomic and it takes ar15 grips. The SP5 is extremely soft shooting, eats a wider variety of bullet styles than the Sig, and is a better suppressor host. Both have been extremely reliable. The accuracy of the MPX wasn't that great at all with the factory muzzle ...Sep 15, 2020 · The SP5K PDW will also weigh in at 4.8 pounds, and as it ships from HK it will be 13.8 inches long. The charging handle on the forward left side of the gun can be locked open, and then slapped to ...The 12 month average price is $2,730.78 new and $2,420.54 used. The new value of a HK SP5K pistol has fallen ($75.46) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $2,714.15 . The used value of a HK SP5K pistol has risen $155.62 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $2,420.54 . The demand of new HK SP5K pistol's has risen 8 units over ...freeride1. 1539 posts · Joined 2009. #5 · Dec 21, 2020. This is the same as above, fits the SP5, is cheaper and best of all you won't be supporting HKparts and dealing with all the headache that comes with that. MP5 SP5 HK33 CHOATE ADJUSTABLE FOLDING STOCK. "your typical hide behind the keyboard, self-entitled **** poster."GSL Technology Phoenix / MK9K $825 shipped MP5 SP5 SP5K Suppressor GSL Technology Phoenix / MK9K $825 shipped MP5 SP5 SP5K Suppressor. By Kingsriver October 3, 2019 in NFA ... Excellent suppressor for the new HK SP5! Quote; Link to comment Share on other sites. More sharing options... 4 weeks later... Kingsriver. Posted February 1, 2020.IBSlingin. 101 posts · Joined 2017. #31 · Feb 1, 2021. Personally, I use the Silencerco 3-lug adapter on my SP5/SP5K. Since I use the 3 lug exclusively, I put some blue loctite on my OEM thread protectors and they havent budged. I was under the impression that you want to have the TP mounted when using a 3-lug mount....

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H&K SP5K-PDW 9mm Luger 5.83in Black Modern Sporting Pistol - 30+1 Rounds - The SP5K-PDW is a semi-automatic civ...

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122 posts · Joined 2016. #29 · Aug 1, 2019. I bought a new HK SP5K pistol last year and it came with the SB Tactical brace already installed...

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The finest HK rear sight drum on the market for the money and a must have for your MP5 series of firearms. At half the cost ...

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The difference between the SP5K and the SP5 is more than just barrel length; though built on the same basic architecture, t...

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Covered by Heckler & Koch’s limited lifetime warranty, the HK SP5K is a faithful rendering of the iconic MP5K as a...

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